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  • #RightCare Weekly: Remembering Dr. Graboys, pushing for lower drug prices, & more interviews with keynote speakers. http://t.co/gbzFxCapHi
  • "We need to change the culture of medicine. We need to restructure the system.” Read more from @hmkyale: http://t.co/iEEvwhaPSt #RightCare
  • Thanks to all of you, 2014 was an extraordinary year. Let's make 2015 even better. http://t.co/9OaAAQDWwp
  • ICYMI: We spoke with Dr. Steven Nissen, a keynote speaker at our upcoming conference, about standing up for patients. http://t.co/uzrszHEU6S
  • "We get paid more for doing more to patients. It’s got to stop.” — Steven Nissen, one of our keynote speakers: http://t.co/uzrszHEU6S

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