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Conference Preview: Taking Action on Overuse

Conference Preview – Taking Action on Overuse

Imagine that you are the administrator of a large teaching hospital. You and the other members of the leadership want to address overuse to reduce waste and save money, so you decide to set up a program of incentives to encourage physicians to stop performing unnecessary tests and procedures. The program seems to be working well at first, but soon you see clinicians and care teams going back to their old habits of unnecessary care. What went wrong?

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John Michael Nardo: One Not-So-Boring Old Man

March 15, 2017

By Shannon Brownlee, MSc

You probably never heard of Mickey Nardo, but readers of Right Care Weekly would have appreciated his intelligence, humor, and skeptical view of a health care system that spun increasingly out of control during the time when he was a doctor. John Michael Nardo, known as Mickey to one and all, was the brilliant, kind, and sometimes funny voice of, the blog he started after retiring from his academic position in psychiatry at Emory University.

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