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Forces of change from within the medical community

April 26, 2016

By Andy Lazris, MD

I spent last weekend at the Lown Conference in Chicago. For those who do not know about Lown Institute, it would be wise to find out more and to sign their Right Care Alliance pledge. The group is relatively young, and this was my second trip to their annual conference. Just as it was last year, the conference was an enlightening and energizing affair. Being with several hundred people who actually get it—from distinguished academics, to regular docs/nps like me, students, writers, patients, and others touched by the medical field—who understand how our dysfunctional health care delivery system feeds upon and rewards overtreatment, who realize that the information being disseminated by the press, pharmaceutical companies, and many members of the medical establishment is often just plain erroneous and misleading; wow, it makes me feel like change can actually occur.

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