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Improving health care with the simple act of listening

by Vikas Saini STAT October 17, 2016 (STAT) – Ten years ago, a woman with a heart murmur who experienced a bout of dizziness saw me for a second opinion. Another cardiologist had told her she needed open heart surgery to replace a valve in her heart. The idea of surgery terrified her, in part because […]

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Q&A: ‘We have to involve patients in decisionmaking’

by Modern Healthcare June 4, 2016 The Lown Institute is named after 95-year-old Dr. Bernard Lown, who helped develop the first widely used cardiac defibrillator in the 1950s and founded International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. The institute in Brookline, Mass., champions his idea that […]

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Administrative costs are killing U.S. healthcare

by Ryan Gamlin Medical Economics May 21, 2016   The United States faces an unenviable paradox: the healthcare sector is an important source of job growth and economic output, but healthcare costs—now comprising nearly one fifth of economic output—are dramatically higher than those in other developed nations, and continue to rise. Ryan GamlinWarren Buffet summed […]

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Doctors take to the streets to learn from patients

by Felice J. Freyer Boston Globe October 24, 2015 Hae Kyung Chung encountered a surprising sight on Boston Common the other day: two guys in white coats, holding notepads, regaling passersby. “We’re collecting stories about health care,” Dr. Aaron Stupple called out to each person walking the diagonal path to the State House. Chung stopped. The […]

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Are You Getting the Health Care You Deserve?

by Frank Lalli Parade Magazine October 30th, 2015 The next time you’re leaving the doctor’s office, ask yourself whom you want to thank for your visit. The receptionist who treated you kindly? The nurse who took a little extra time? The doctor who patiently answered question after question? Or none of the above? “If you […]

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Pharmaphobes, pharmascolds and conflict denialists

by Roger Collier Canadian Medical Association Journal November 17, 2015 Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum expected some backlash. She knew the subject she was writing about was controversial. Heck, the topic itself contains the word “conflict.” And yet, despite this, she was still surprised by the flood of angry responses to her articles. “I’ve written things before and […]

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