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Healing Healthcare

September 3, 2014

On a sun-soaked spring afternoon this past May, a group of medical students gathered for rounds. As is customary, we arranged ourselves in a semicircular distribution around the patient. Yet this was no surgical amphitheater but rather the (far less sterile) courtyard of the new American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our patient: Daniel Chester French’s monumental marble sculpture The Angel of Death and the Sculptor.

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Career and Culture: A Med Student’s View

July 25, 2014
By Jonah P. Zuflacht

If applying to medical school involves convincing others why you wish to become a doctor, medical school itself initiates the process of determining what kind of doctor you will become. For the most part, our nation’s future physicians make the transition with at least some vague notions in mind: “I’m interested in surgery” or “Working with kids has always appealed to me.” Others, meanwhile, have more specific aspirations: “Pediatric cardiology with a focus on Marfan syndrome” or “Interventional neuroradiology at an academic medical center.”

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