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Right Care Action Week 2016: VanHouten to lead online activity about gastroparesis

August 30, 2016
By Judith Garber
n anticipation of Right Care Action Week October 16-22, we’re bringing you examples of activities that members of the Right Care community are planning. Right Care Action Week is an initiative where clinicians, patients, and others come together during the week to show what health care can and should look like. This year’s theme for Right Care Action Week is Listening. Learn more about Right Care Action Week, and get involved here!

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‘Cultural avoidance of talking about death leads us away from living well until we die’

An interview with Lucy Kalanithi, MD

August 2, 2016

By Margie Coloian, MSJ

Lucy Kalanithi recalls the power of language when her husband Paul was dying. His nurse practitioner came to his bedside to break the devastating news that the medication he had been taking had not been effective in treating his advancing lung cancer. It wasn’t the words alone, Lucy explains; it was the way the nurse spoke them, gently and with utmost affection.

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