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Allocation of Physician Time in Ambulatory Practice: A Time and Motion Study in 4 Specialties

2016, Sinsky C; Colligan L; Li L; Prgomet M; Reynolds S; Goeders L; Westbrook J; Tutty M; Blike G.

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Risk for Clinically Relevant Adverse Cardiac Events in Patients With Chest Pain at Hospital Admission

2015, Weinstock MB; Weingart S; Orth F; VanFossen D; Kaide C; Anderson J; Newman DH.

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The Fall: Aligning The Best Care With Standards Of Care At The End Of Life

2015, Gabow P.

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Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences Near the End of Life

2014, Institute of Medicine

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Evidence based medicine: a movement in crisis?

2014, Greenhalgh T, Howick J, Maskrey N.

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Measuring Low-Value Care in Medicare

2014, Schwartz AL, Landon BE, Elshaug AG, Chernew ME, McWilliams J.

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Too Much Medicine

2014, The BMJ’s Too Much Medicine campaign aims to highlight the threat to human health posed by overdiagnosis and the waste of resources on unnecessary care.

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Measuring Low-Value Care in Medicare

2014, Schwartz AL, Landon BE, Elshaug AG, Chernew ME, McWilliams J.

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Twenty five year follow-up for breast cancer incidence and mortality of the Canadian National Breast Screening Study: randomised screening trial.

2014, Anthony Miller et al.

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The next generation of Doctoring

2013, Michael Wilkes et al.

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Productivity and the Health Care Workforce

2013, Shannon Brownlee, Joe Colucci, & Thom Walsh

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Over 150 potentially low-value health care practices: an Australian study

2013, Adam Elshaug et al.

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A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms Associated with Hospital Care

2013, John T. James

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Overdiagnosis: when good intentions meet vested interests—an essay by Iona Heath

2013, Iona Heath

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Development and preliminary evaluation of an innovative advanced chronic disease care model

2013, Daniel Hoefer, Suzi Johnson, & Miriam Bender

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Eliminating waste in US health care

2013, Don Berwick & Andrew Hackbarth

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A Successful and Sustainable Health System — How to Get There from Here

2012, Harvey Fineberg

The New England Journal of Medicine

From an Ethics of Rationing to an Ethics of Waste Avoidance

2012, Howard Brody

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Choosing Wisely: Helping Physicians and Patients Make Smart Decisions About Their Care

2012, Christine Cassel & James Guest

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Stop the silent misdiagnosis: patients’ preferences matter

2012, Al Mulley, Chris Trimble, & Glyn Elwyn

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 Patients’ preferences matter: Stop the silent misdiagnosis

2012, Al Mulley, Chris Trimble, & Glyn Elwyn

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Educational outcomes of the Harvard Medical School-Cambridge integrated clerkship: a way forward for medical education

2012, David Hirsh et al.

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Introducing Decision Aids At Group Health Was Linked To Sharply Lower Hip And Knee Surgery Rates And Costs

2012, David Arterburn et al.

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Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America


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Unnecessary care: are doctors in denial and is profit driven healthcare to blame?

2012, Jeanne Lenzer

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Decision aids for people facing health treatment or screening decisions

2012, Dawn Stacey et al.

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Cancer Screening Campaigns — Getting Past Uninformative Persuasion

2012, Steven Woloshin et al.

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Caregiving as moral experience

2012, Arthur Kleinman

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The Healthcare Imperative: Lowering Costs and Improving Outcomes


 Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium

Aspirin, Angioplasty and Proton Beam Therapy: The Economics of Smarter Health-Care Spending

2011, Katherine Baicker & Amitabh Chandra

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Too Little? Too Much? Primary Care Physicians’ Views on US Health Care

2011, Brenda Sirovich, Steven Woloshin, & Lisa Schwartz

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Early Palliative Care for Patients with Metastatic Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer

2010, Jennifer Temel et al.

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Tracking the Care of Patients with Severe Chronic Illness: The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care 2008


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The Perfect Storm of Overutilization

2008, Ezekiel Emanuel & Victor Fuchs

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Geography And The Debate Over Medicare Reform

2002, John E. Wennberg, Elliott S. Fisher, & Jonathan S. Skinner

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To Err is Human: Building A Safer Health System


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Doctoring: University of California, Los Angeles

1996, Michael Wilkes et al.


Small area variations in health care delivery

1973, John E. Wennberg & Alan Gittelsohn

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