Interested in learning about overuse, underuse, and misuse of tests and treatments in today’s health care delivery system? We’ve compiled a list of books, films, blogs, and videos that will send you on your way!


Lost Art of Healing

Bernard Lown, MD


Shannon Brownlee, MS

Best-Care-Possible-ppbIra Byock, MD


Katy Butler


Ranjana Srivastava, MD


Leana Wen, MD
Joshua Kosowsky, MD


H. Gilbert Welch, MD
Lisa Schwartz, MD
Steve Woloshin, MD


Otis Brawley, MD
Paul Goldberg


Dennis McCullough, MD


Victoria Sweet, MD


John E. Wennberg, MD


Alan Cassells, Ray Moynihan

Questioning Protocol

Randi Redmond Oster

The Conversation

Angelo Volandes, MD

Being Mortail

Atul Gawande

Less Medicine More Health

H. Gilbert Welch, MD


Charles Kenney


Marty Makary, MD


Danielle Ofri, MD


Rosemary Gibson
Janardan Prasad Singh


Phillip Longman


Rosemary Gibson
Janardan Prasad Singh


Maggie Mahar


Joanne Lynn, MD
Joan Harrold, MD

The Digital Doctor

Robert Wachter


Sandeep Jauhar

Curing Medicare

Andy Lazris, MD

Richard Young, MD



Being Mortal - Frontline Being Mortal: FRONTLINE follows renowned New Yorker writer and Boston surgeon Atul Gawande as he explores the relationships doctors have with patients who are nearing the end of life. The film investigates the practice of caring for the dying, and shows how doctors are often remarkably untrained, ill-suited and uncomfortable talking about chronic illness and death with their patients.
Escape-Fire-poster - Copy ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare tackles one of the most pressing issues of our time: what can be done to save our broken medical system? The film examines the powerful forces trying to maintain the status quo in a medical industry designed for quick fixes rather than prevention, for profit-driven care rather than patient-driven care. After decades of resistance, a movement to bring innovative high-touch, low-cost methods of prevention and healing into our high-tech, costly system is finally gaining ground. ESCAPE FIRE follows dramatic human stories as well as leaders fighting to transform healthcare at the highest levels of medicine, industry, government, and even the US military. The film is about a way out, about saving the health of a nation. Directed by Susan Froemke and Matthew Heineman
Money-Medicine-DVD-F - Copy With remarkable candor and poignancy, Money and Medicine captures the painful end-of-life treatment choices made by patients and their families, ranging from very aggressive interventions in the ICU to palliative care at home. The film also investigates the controversy surrounding diagnostic testing and screening as well as the shocking treatment variations among patients receiving a variety of elective procedures. Just as the national debate over health care cost containment and deficit reduction heats up, these intimate patient portraits put a human face on the crisis facing American medicine. Jump2Directed by Roger Weisberg



lownconversation IncentalEcon
 http://thelownconversation.com/  http://theincidentaleconomist.com/


Health Care Renewal


BLpersonalblog  KevinMD blog
http://bernardlown.wordpress.com/  http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/


HNR AcademyHealth Blog
http://www.healthnewsreview.org/ http://blog.academyhealth.org/


healthcareblog OfftheCuff
http://thehealthcareblog.com/ http://vikassaini.wordpress.com/


Health Affairs Blog GeriPal
http://healthaffairs.org/blog/ http://www.geripal.org/



Universal Healthcare Founfation of Earth Citizens' Health
http://hub.universalhealthct.org/ http://earthcitizenshealth.blogspot.com/


Health Innovation Media

Lown Institute 2015:  Meet Shannon Brownlee



Oh, the Jobs (Debt) You’ll Create!


House of Cards 1

House of Cards 2

House of Cards 3

Turntable Health

A Whole New Way (Turntable Health promo)

James McCormack 

Choosing Wisely

Viva la Evidence

Bohemian Polypharmacy

Ray Moynihan 

A New Epidemic

Right Care News

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