Lown Hospitals Index: Project Resources

Congratulations to hospitals and hospital systems that scored highly in the Lown Index. This page has resources to support you in sharing the good news with your audiences. The page will be updated with resources up to and through the launch. To submit a request and for other questions, contact us at info@lowninstitute.org or call (617) 992-9322.


  • The Lown Institute Hospitals Index launched at 12:01AM ET on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
  • The URL is www.LownHospitalsIndex.org
  • The Index ranks both hospitals (~3300) and hospital systems (~300)
  • Hospitals are ranked on 42 detail metrics that roll up into 7 components, then 3 categories, then a single composite score
  • It is the first ranking to include categories for Value of Care and Civic Leadership
  • The project is self-funded by the Lown Institute, a nonprofit think tank headquartered in Brookline, MA

About the Lown Institute

The Lown Institute is a nonpartisan think tank advocating bold ideas for a just and caring system of health. Founded in 1973 by Nobel Peace Prize winner Bernard Lown, MD, developer of the defibrillator and cardioverter, the Institute focuses on health care issues such as medical overuse, health equity, and cost of care.

Visit the Lown website to learn more about our organization and our leaders: Dr. Vikas Saini and Shannon Brownlee.

About the Index

The Lown Institute Hospitals Index examines metrics never used before to help hospitals better serve and support their patients and communities. The Index shows how nearly 3,300 U.S. hospitals compare on 42 performance indicators. A metrics advisory council of prominent health care researchers and journalists was convened to guide its development.

Here is a summary of our key metrics. Reference our methodology page for thorough documentation.

Civic Leadership – How strongly hospitals are engaged with improving community health and well-being

  • Pay Equity – How well hospital staff are paid compared to leadership
  • Community Benefit – The extent of hospital investment in community health
  • Inclusivity – Success in serving patients that are people of color, lower income, and with less education.

Value of Care – Success in providing high value care

  • Avoiding Overuse – Success in avoiding the use of 13 tests and procedures that offer little to no patient benefit

Patient Outcomes – The ability to provide positive clinical outcomes and patient experiences

  • Clinical Outcomes – Strength of patient mortality and readmission rates
  • Patient Safety – The avoidance of preventable patient safety errors
  • Patient Satisfaction – Examines the hospital experience as reported by patients


We issued a national press release, a 50-state release, and releases targeting major metro areas. We also issued an audio news release and conducted a radio media tour on the day of launch. See who covered us on the media coverage page.

Social Media / Shareables

Follow our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and use the hashtag #LownHospitalsIndex.

Website Badges

Badges will become available August 7th. Contact info@lowninstitute.org with any questions.