The AHCA won’t get corporations out of health care

Despite vocal opposition to the American Health Care Act, the Senate is taking steps to push the bill forward with no hearings, amendments, or bipartisan support.

Economist Jeffrey Sachs and Dr. Vikas Saini, in a Quartz op-ed titled “How the corporate sector is wrecking America’s health—and what to do about it,” explain how the AHCA would deepen the crisis in care and poor health and blame a corporatocracy–a health care industry and Congress that are serving the needs of private companies more than the American people.

We need to go further

Sachs and Saini suggest several policies that would go far beyond the AHCA or the ACA in reducing corporate control over health care, including:

  • negotiating drug prices,
  • expanding addiction treatment centers,
  • greater food industry regulations, and
  • reducing tax loopholes for the wealthy.

The American public, they write, “wants more and deserves better than TrumpCare.”