Brownlee featured in upcoming health care debate

Is our health care system in need of a total overhaul? Or are there minor policy changes we can implement to fix the health care market? 

This is the question Lown Institute vice president Shannon Brownlee will be debating at the Transform 2017 conference, alongside fellow health care experts Robert Pearl, Ezekiel J. Emmanuel, and David T. Feinberg.

The debate will be broadcast live on the Intelligence Squared website this Thursday, as well as on Facebook and Youtube, on September 28, at 5:45pm Eastern time. You can join the conversation on the website message board and on Twitter with the hashtags #IQ2USLIVE and #TXFM. You can also cast your vote on the motion before the debate on the website to support the position you agree with!

Brownlee and Pearl will take the affirmative side in the debate, arguing that the US health care system is terminally broken, and that we need a complete transformation of the system to correct the perverse incentives, mediocre outcomes, and ridiculous costs endemic in the current system. 

“If American health care were a patient, we would have put it in the ICU long ago,” Brownlee says. 

Do you agree? Cast your vote on the debate website and tune in on Thursday to see which side wins out in this great battle of the health care minds!

Watch a Live Stream of the debate