Conference Highlights

March 26, 2015

In case, you couldn’t attend the conference, the 2015 Road to RightCare: Engage, Organize, Transform was not a typical medical conference. Other conferences emphasize new scientific findings and sometimes dubious technical advances, but this program was focused on returning to the heart of what matters most in medicine.


Our keynotes repeatedly emphasized the importance of caring for people with non-medical interventions, such as housing the homeless as an effective means of care, as Dr. Mitch Katz described, and engaging communities in creating better health as Dr. America Bracho recounted. Other plenaries similarly presented the deep challenge we face in rethinking what the medical system ought to look like, and offered glimmers of hope through examples of better care when that reimagined system becomes a reality.


Our workshops stood out from the pack, as well. They covered not only clinical topics, like diagnoses and decision-making with patients, but also patient advocacy and ways to organize physicians to make change. Each workshop aimed to leave participants with concrete ways to change behaviors, whether in caring for patients or in how they think about the healthcare system. We’re looking forward to seeing the ways conference attendees put those ideas into practice back home.


Finally, during meals and in the halls throughout the meeting, attendees shared stories and insights from their own lives on how to improve the healthcare system. We’re building on these conversations with our new campaign, RightCare Action Week, coming this fall. Learn more and sign up to participate now!


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