Daniel Nicklas, MD, FAAP, RightCare Action Week Captain at University of Colorado School of Medicine

September 30, 2015

By Kim DiGioia, MSPH

Daniel Nicklas, pediatrician and assistant professor at University of Colorado School of Medicine, has a laser sharp focus on the changes that are necessary in healthcare and how to go about achieving them.

A recipient of a RightCare Alliance Young Innovator grant from the Lown Institute, Nicklas has been working to “counteract the culture of overuse in medicine and enhance the patient/physician relationship.” His project encourages trainees to reflect on instances of overtreatment, under-treatment, and mistreatment, and record their stories. He hopes eventually to have a digital library that serves as a repository for stories illustrating problems of overuse in medicine and how practicing right care results in positive outcomes for patients. This project will be a key feature of RightCare Action Week.

As assistant professor, Nicklas also plays a critical role in reshaping medical education. The University of Colorado offers a special curriculum in which second year medical students are admitted into the residency program, called Education in Pediatrics Across the Continuum (EPAC). Nicklas is currently designing a home visit curriculum for these residents, which he plans to teach during RightCare Action Week. He is also a part of the RightCare Alliance’s Pediatrics Council, which will be promoting antibiotic stewardship during the week.

Driven by Bernard Lown’s adage “do more for the patient by doing less to the patient” and the Hippocratic mantra “first do no harm,” Nicklas has committed to do what he can during RightCare Action Week and beyond to increase awareness about the movement for change in healthcare, and to help demonstrate that “there are pretty easy ways to put the patient in the center and reduce overtreatment.”