Hina Mehta, MD, on Overuse and RightCare Rounds

October 15, 2015

By Kim DiGioia, MSPH

Hina Mehta, MD, internal medicine resident at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, describes her path from being “an intern who didn’t know anything” to an expert on overuse, leading a successful RightCare Rounds and publishing Hidden Risks of Blood Transfusions: A Teachable Moment in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Reflecting on her training, Mehta recalls thinking that, as the most junior member of a care team, she had to abide by everyone else’s decisions. After being questioned by her attending, Fred Buckhold, MD, about the justification for certain orders, she began to realize that the answer “because nephrology wanted it,” is not sufficient. She has now come to realize that it is imperative to “reflect on every decision you make… just stop and think ‘does this patient need this chest x-ray? Does this patient need labs every day?’”

When asked to provide advice to new clinicians thinking about overuse and implementing RightCare Rounds, she recommends not looking too hard – overuse is pervasive and shows up in the things “we do every day.”

Mehta says the time is right for a shift in thinking about the way care is provided, and that she receives no pushback from senior administrators; everyone agrees that “business as usual” does not offer the best care it could.

Here at the Lown Institute we’re glad to have supporters like Mehta who continue to fight the good fight and challenge the status quo of “more is better” medicine!