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Lown President Vikas Saini profiled in The BMJ

How did Lown Institute President Dr. Vikas Saini end up where he is today? A profile in The BMJ by Jeanne Lenzer traces Saini’s occupational and philosophical path, from energetic student protester, to innovative cardiologist and medical device company founder, to think-tank leader and health care activist. 

Each of these roles “reflects [Saini’s] lifelong effort to reconcile the gap between social justice and medicine,” writes Lenzer. After becoming disillusioned with political protesting, Saini turned to medicine, where he thought the benefits to society would be “incontrovertible.” However, the rampant overuse and patient harm he saw in cardiology compelled Saini to return to his social justice roots, incorporating his medical experience and knowledge to lead the Lown Institute and co-found the Right Care Alliance. 

Read Lenzer’s profile on The BMJ website.