Trump’s views on Cold War too simplistic, Dr. Lown says

In 1986, Dr. Bernard Lown, founder of the Lown Institute, had already had a distinguished history as an advocate for compassionate patient care, social justice, and humanitarianism. He gained international recognition for developing the modern defibrillator and conducting groundbreaking research. During the Cold War, he was a leader in raising awareness about the medical consequences of nuclear weapons and advocating for their eradication.

So when Donald Trump told Lown over dinner that he would end the Cold War with “one hour of discussion” with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Lown was skeptical.

Trump said he could end the Cold War in just one hour

As Lown told CNN, he met with Trump hoping to discuss funding for research. Instead, Trump wanted to talk about his plan to negotiate a nuclear arms deal with the Soviet Union face to face with Gorbachev. “He didn’t understand the complexity of the issues,” said Lown.

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