The next health system


What should America’s next health system look like?

The United States has entered a period of its history when there is considerable unhappiness with the current health care system but few clear, bold visions for a better one. There is slow but growing recognition that lack of universal coverage is only one of several problems, which also include unsustainable costs and poor quality of care. While health care providers, payers, opinion leaders and policy makers readily acknowledge the situation is urgent, there is little consensus around bold solutions.

Certainly the entrenched players in health care are resistant to such solutions, but we believe another reason for slow progress towards better health care—and better health—is a failure of vision. We need a radically different delivery system, to be sure, but we also need a radically different approach to the community determinants of health. Without a vision of the role that health care and community prevention should play in an integrated health system, we cannot agree upon a strategy for achieving it.

The Lown Institute is working toward the next health system by laying out a detailed vision for a radically better, uniquely American health system; identifying key chokepoints and pathways; and disseminate the proposed vision and potential pathways to policy leaders, public opinion makers, and community groups that can help lead a shift in public discourse.

How we’re moving toward a better system

Grand Strategy for America’s Health

A comprehensive strategy for achieving a universal, affordable, effective, and accountable health system, written by Lown Institute leaders Vikas Saini and Shannon Brownlee.

The Lown Annual Conference

Our principal event is the Lown Annual Conference, a unique gathering of clinicians, patients,
policy makers, and activists that offers bold thinking, dynamic speakers, and an opportunity
for attendees to learn, share, and leave inspired to advocate for a better system.

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The Right Care Alliance

The Right Care Alliance (RCA) is an affiliate organization of the Lown Institute. The RCA is a grassroots organizing movement made up of clinicians, patients, and advocates who are ready to change the system!

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Risk Stratification Index (RSI)

The Lown Institute is developing a new system for risk adjustment called the Risk Stratification Index (RSI), which will give researchers and policymakers a better tool for evaluating hospital performance and patient outcomes.  

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Right Care Educators

Right Care Educators is an annual program that provides chief residents with training and support to help them become leaders for appropriate care at their institution.