Medication Overload: Implement prescription checkups

To eliminate medication overload, we should implement “prescription checkups,” medication reviews that give patients and clinicians opportunities to deprescribe (discontinue medications or reduce doses) appropriately. This issue brief provides detail on the policy, research, and technological changes needed to successfully implement prescription checkups. More

California’s Health Care Paradox

This analysis of California’s state budget from 2007 to 2018 finds that to ensure the long-term health of the state, California needs to eliminate health care waste and direct the savings toward increased funding for programs that improve community conditions—like public education, public health, housing assistance, food assistance, and income support. More

Right Care Series in The Lancet

With the Right Care Series, published by The Lancet in 2017, the Lown Institute launched a global effort to assess the scope of overuse and underuse and place these twin failings at the center of health strategies everywhere to achieve the right care for all people. The Institute organized a team of 27 international experts from nine countries and 21 institutions. More