RightCare Rounds Toolkit

RightCare Rounds is an educational initiative that incorporates evidence-based discussion in the format of a case presentation to promote appropriate patient care. This program aims to help clinicians recognize and prevent overuse and underuse, while taking into consideration social contexts and patient preferences. This toolkit provides step-by-step instructions for how to implement RightCare Rounds in any institution.
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(a) Sample PowerPoints


(b) RightCare Fishbone Diagram

View Fishbone Diagram here.


(c) RightCare Rounds Manuscript

View RightCare Rounds manuscript here.


(d) Sample Tweets


I couldn’t be happier to join the @LownInstitute as a #RightCare Educator. Check back here for more updates on my progress.


Can’t wait to get started as a #RightCare Educator! I’m very thankful for this opportunity to work with the @LownInstitute on this important work.


Looking forward to hosting a #RightCare Rounds at (your institution) and discussing how to optimize care and limit harms from medical overuse/underuse this week!


(e) Key Contacts

Brandon Combs, MD, FACP

Senior Fellow, Lown Institute

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine



Rebekah Rockwood, MPH

Director, Programs and Strategy

Lown Institute



Kim DiGioia, MSPH

Manager, Research and Evaluation

Lown Institute