Marisa Jennings

Project Title

Preventing Burnout, Enhancing Relationships, and Reducing Overuse through Mindfulness and More

Project Overview

The project will consist of a mindfulness, cognitive reappraisal, and emotional self-regulation curriculum that will be delivered in six monthly meetings to first-year psychiatry and second-year neurology residents.  Residents will be encouraged to explore how common feelings in residency (such as emotional exhaustion and a sense of inadequacy) might affect care decisions and result in overuse.


Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Meet the Team

Marisa Jennings, MD: Dr. Jennings is a fourth-year resident and chief resident of scholarly activity in psychiatry at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.  Since her undergraduate days at Rice University, Dr. Jennings has been an active student leader.  As a medical student, she created several initiatives focused on student wellness and her capstone paper on burnout was published in the Journal of Medical Humanities. Her clinical interests include adult outpatient psychiatry and integrated care.  She is passionate about promoting physician wellness and leadership skills. Dr. Jennings enjoys writing and blogs at www.psychcongress.com.

Stuart Slavin, MD, MEd: A graduate of Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Dr. Slavin completed his residency training in pediatrics at UCLA and served as a faculty member and residency program director there for 17 years. At UCLA, Dr. Slavin co-founded the Innovative Doctoring Curriculum that became a national model for medical school education. As associate dean for Curriculum at SLU SOM, he recently led a comprehensive restructuring of the medical school curriculum designed to enhance student well-being. In addition to his administrative duties, Dr. Slavin is actively involved in teaching across the medical curriculum.


Email: m.l.jenningsmd@gmail.com