About Us

About Us


Our Mission

We seek to catalyze a grassroots movement for transforming health care systems and improving the health of communities.

Our Vision

A society that fosters health. We seek a society where health and health care are seen as rights; where physicians and nurses serve as healers and as advocates for those who are vulnerable and most in need of care; where patients are safe from avoidable harm; and where spending on health care exists for the benefit of patients, communities and nations.

Our Core Values

Promote health
Focus on patients
Maintain a global outlook
Promote sound science
Demand professionalism, free of financial conflicts
Promote the right care
Advance democratic, community-led change

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to build a grassroots social movement representing an alliance of health professionals, religious and community groups, and the general public. This movement’s goal: to advocate for a transformation of the health care system and for a redirection of resources currently being wasted in health care towards promoting community health and redressing health disparities.

The movement, called the RightCare Alliance, was formed in 2013. We are currently recruiting clinicians, nurses, students, and trainees into a national health professionals’ network to develop a critique of the current system and share our perspective with others to learn from them. Our ultimate goal is to engage the public through events intended to foster democratic dialogue about health and health care, and to help communities envision a better system, and then advocate for the necessary change. Our long term vision is for local control of health care delivery and for mechanisms that can return currently wasted resources back to communities to support spending that promotes health.

Why Now?

The next few years will see unprecedented consolidation of hospitals and physician groups, wielding enormous economic power and social and political influence. Without a grassroots movement advocating for the health needs of patients and communities, these mega-institutions are unlikely to invest in the policies and infrastructure that best serve the interests of the community.

To learn more about us, read our brochure here.

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