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The system must incentivize healing over profiteering.

High-Value Care

Patients should get all the care they need, and none that they do not.

Health Equity

Good health should transcend neighborhood, income, and background.

Human Connection

Compassion and humility are central to the practice of healing.

Dr. Bernard Lown

Learn about the pioneering cardiologist, humanitarian, and Lown Institute founder.

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The 2021

Spotlighting the worst in health care profiteering and dysfunction.


Vikas Saini



When nonprofit hospitals start acting like for-profits

Through our work with the Lown Institute Hospitals Index, we’ve seen how socially responsible hospitals can be. These top hospitals prioritize equity, while maintaining excellent patient outcomes and avoiding overuse. But not all hospitals have performed well on social responsibility. In fact, the New York Times recently highlighted two nonprofit hospital systems that have gone against their social mission and put profits over patients fair share spending was featured in these articles. Here’s a breakdown of what the Times uncovered. More