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Lown Institute staff

Lown Institute staff

Bold ideas for health

The Lown Institute is advancing bold ideas for a just and caring system for health to replace the current, failing model rooted in profit-driven, low-value care. 

What we believe

At its heart, health care is about people taking care of one another. It’s an intimate practice rooted in the fundamental qualities that make us human. Its goals are compassion and healing.

In a system that prioritizes the needs of the patient, health professionals can provide all the care that is needed to everyone who needs it. Healing is a partnership with the patient, who is cared for as a whole person. And clinicians experience great satisfaction in their work.

But the industrialization of health care has corrupted the healing relationship between caregiver and patient. Profits have been prioritized over healing. The delivery of health care has become more transactional, less personal. And patients are examined as a collection of parts rather than a whole person. Too often, our system not only fails to heal, but creates new suffering.

To ensure patients receive the care they need, we must heal our health care system.

This requires exposing the harms caused by the current system, championing a vision for a new system rooted in justice and caring, and amplifying the bold voices of those willing to stand up and fight for the change that’s needed.

Our objectives

Expose poor health care value and illuminate the harm caused to patients, families, communities, jobs, and the wider economy.

Produce a vision for health equity and a more affordable, universal, effective, and accountable system—and define the policy pathways to achieve it.

Engage consumers and health professionals in a national debate about health and health care and inspire them to activism.

Identify and nurture creative thinkers, clinicians, researchers, activists and writers and provide them with a platform to present their ideas.