RightCare Alliance Young Innovator Grants

Apply now for the Young Innovator Grant Program. You could receive up to $7,000 toward projects that inspire clinicians to rethink the way they care for patients. Have a role in improving medical training so clinicians will be able to do more for patients without doing too much to them....

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RightCare Regional Colorado Event

University of Colorado Department of Medicine in conjunction with the Lown Institute will host its first in the nation RightCare Regional Conference. Register today to attend and learn more about RightCare. Planning for the Buffalo, Washington, DC, San Francisco, and San Marcos, California areas is underway. Check back soon for...

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2015 Lown Institute Conference

Our third annual conference will be March 8 -11, 2015 at the Omni Hotel in San Diego, California. At the conference we will share progress made since the 2013 conference, renew our collective voice for change,  and inspire RightCare Alliance organizing efforts. The conference is open invitation and registration will begin this...

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Overuse 101

Overuse is a catchall term for medical tests, treatments, and other services that don’t make patients any healthier. Read on to learn about its origins and root causes, how it can affect you, and what you can do about overuse in your community.

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The RightCare Alliance

The Right Care Alliance, a Lown Institute initiative, is a network of clinicians, patients, community leaders who recognize the epidemic of overuse and underuse in health care and who are dedicated to eliminating it. The Right Care Alliance is a movement focused on shifting medicine from “more is better” to the right care for patients. The Right Care Alliance was born out of the April 2012 Avoiding Avoidable Care conference. This was the first major medical meeting dedicated entirely to understanding the problem of overuse of medical services.

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