Fauquier Hospital offers less financial help to patients than other hospitals in Virginia, U.S.

“It's not uncommon for Medicaid expansion to result in a reduction in charity care spending, but that doesn't mean it's justified,” said Aaron Toleos, vice president of communications for the Lown Institute. For example, Fauquier Hospital could consider expanding its financial-aid policy to include more people struggling to pay their hospital bills or even funnel money that had been used for charity care into programs to address homelessness, food insecurity or addiction treatment, Toleos said. More

Penn Medicine is going all in on proton therapy, a costly treatment that is unproven for most common cancers

The explosive growth worries Vikas Saini, a cardiologist and president of the Lown Institute, a think tank that examines quality, cost, and equity across health care. He said doctors are prescribing proton therapy in a gray area — they think it may be better for a patient than the cheaper alternative, but there’s no hard proof.
“Everybody knows the game: You get an approval, and you go out on the market, then you expand the indications,” Saini said. “It’s called indication creep, or scope creep.”

Medicare Advantage Plans Take Top Spot in Shkreli Awards

Lown Institute president Vikas Saini, MD, told MedPage Today that this year's list reads like "a tragic comedy of grift and profiteering." If the actions of these companies and individuals seem to be worse than in past years, Saini said that's because governmental agencies and media organizations appear to be "more vigilant in calling out bad actors." More

21 health systems with smallest CEO-to-worker pay ratios

Amid a wave of intensified criticism of hospital CEO pay at large, one source continues to pay close attention to the ratio of executive compensation to worker wages at more than 300 health systems. That source is Lown Institute, a nonpartisan think tank that measures hospitals' and health systems' social responsibility through 53 metrics related to inclusivity, pay equity, community benefit, care value and outcomes. More