Pharmacists Should Be Part of the Primary Care Team

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has laid bare many of the flaws in our country's health care system, including a weak public health infrastructure, the terrible and persistent health and health care disparities experienced by people of color and other marginalized populations, our inability to nimbly redistribute vital equipment and human resources, the consequences of chronic underfunding of long-term care, and the utter absence of a functional collaboration between policy makers and the health care delivery system. More

Primary Care Physicians in U.S. Struggle More to Coordinate Care and Communicate with Other Providers But Offer Patients More Health IT Tools

Fewer than half of U.S. primary care providers receive information from specialists about changes to their patients’ care plans or medications, compared with at least seven of 10 in Norway, France, and New Zealand. Overall, U.S. physicians are among the most likely to offer health IT tools to better communicate with patients, but problems of interoperability have led to challenges. More