WATCH: Hospitals reveal key challenges to achieving equity, and how they’re overcoming them

Bringing together Dr. Vikas Saini (the Lown Institute), Dr. Katherine Peeler (Boston Children’s Hospital), Dr. Omar Lateef (RUSH University Medical Center), and Dr. Thea James (Boston Medical Center), the discussion focused on the role of hospitals in addressing problems like moral stress and burnout and how a commitment to equity fits into their resolution. Watch the video of the event and read some of the highlights from the discussion. More

2023 Hospital Social Responsibility: Event Recap

Over 3,600 hospitals were evaluated across the nation. Fifty-four earned A’s across the three main categories of equity, value, and outcomes, earning them Honor Roll status. To have a socially responsible healthcare system, we need more hospitals performing better on metrics like pay equity, racial inclusivity, and community investment. So how do we accomplish this goal?  More