Hospital Price Discrimination Is Deepening Racial Health Inequity

Data from hospital cost reports and clinical quality measures collected by the Lown Institute illustrates unequal facility usage by Medicaid patients in four of the country’s largest hospital referral regions. In Los Angeles, hospitals with clinical quality above the national median allocate just 23% of inpatient days to individuals with Medicaid, as compared with 54% of inpatient days for hospitals in the bottom two quality quartiles. Similar disparities emerge in New York and Houston, albeit to a lesser degree. In all these markets, many facilities with the highest objective quality scores serve very few Medicaid patients, who instead rely on publicly run facilities and small private hospitals with relatively poor clinical quality. More

The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospitals for Everyone

Fortunately for North Texas, the region is home to two of the most accessible and valuable hospitals in the nation, according to the “Best Hospitals for America” list published by Washington Monthly. The publication partnered with the nonpartisan healthcare think tank Lown Institute to evaluate 3,200 hospitals, ranking those that “save lives, save money, and serve social justice.” John Peter Smith (JPS) Health Network was ranked No. 1 hospital in the nation in the ranking, and Parkland Health and Hospital System came in at No. 9. More