America’s most socially responsible critical access hospitals

Critical Access and Acute Care hospitals are both vital for healthy communities, but they are very different types of institutions. By definition, Critical Access Hospitals are very small rural hospitals (no more than 25 inpatient beds), generally located at least 35 miles from the nearest hospital. Their size and remote location result in low patient volume, which makes it difficult to utilize their claims data in the same way as larger hospitals.

Because of these differences, the Lown Index is evaluating Critical Access Hospitals in their own ranking this year. Through our rankings hub, you can view the top Critical Access Hospitals on any of the 30+ metrics on which they are evaluated. Because of data availability, Critical Access Hospitals are not ranked on patient safety, unplanned admission after outpatient surgery, or avoiding overuse for most tests and procedures.

Here are the top ten most socially responsible Critical Access Hospitals on the Lown Index this year:

  1. Sidney Health Center – Sidney, MT
  2. St. Luke’s Elmore Medical Center – Mountain Home, ID
  3. Whitman Hospital & Medical Center – Colfax, WA
  4. Sanford Luverne Medical Center – Luverne, MN
  5. St. Charles Madras – Madras, OR
  6. Marshall Medical Center – Lewisburg, TN
  7. Sanford Canton-Inwood Medical Center – Canton, SD
  8. UC Health Pikes Peak Regional Hospital – Woodland Park, CO
  9. Wayne County Hospital – Corydon, IA
  10. United Hospital District – Blue Earth, MN

Many of these hospitals have previously done well on the Index. Sidney Health Center, St. Luke’s Elmore Medical Center, Whitman Hospital and Medical Center, St. Charles Madras, and Marshall Medical Center all received A grades in social responsibility last year.

There are 40 Critical Access Hospitals that made it on the Lown Index Honor Roll this year, meaning they received straight A’s in equity, value, and outcomes. See all of the Critical Access honor roll hospitals on our website.