How are hospitals measuring and reducing low-value care?

Low-value care in hospitals is an immense patient safety issue. Every 80 seconds, a hospital in the US delivers a low-value test or procedure to a Medicare patient.

How can hospitals and policymakers better measure overuse and reduce overuse in hospitals, and what role can rankings play? On November 3, US News & World Report hosted an event on the topic featuring overuse experts: Harvard Medical School researcher Dr. Ishani Ganguli, Dr. Aaron George of Meritus Health, and Lown Institute president Dr. Vikas Saini.

Watch the video recording of the event to see the discussion on a variety of topics, including:

  • How can “cascades” started by low-value tests harm patients?
  • How do we incorporate patient preferences into overuse metrics?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using claims data to measure hospital overuse?
  • How do we address concern from underresourced communities that “doing less” will further reduce their access to care?
  • Where does measurement of low-value care need to move in the future?

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