VIDEO: New research on hospital overuse

We’re excited to share our new research on hospital overuse just published in JAMA Network Open!

For this paper, the Lown Institute team applied overuse criteria for 12 low-value services to 3351 US hospitals, using Medicare claims data from 2015-2017. They found that certain procedures were overused at disturbingly high rates: 64% of hysterectomies, 52% of carotid endarterectomies, and 25% of coronary stents that hospitals performed met the criteria for overuse nationwide. From 2015-2017, 26% of Medicare patients who came to hospitals with syncope received head imaging, and 11% received carotid imaging.

Controlling for other characteristics, hospitals in the South and for-profit hospitals had worse overuse scores than hospitals in other regions and nonprofit hospitals, on average. Major teaching hospitals had better scores than minor or non-teaching hospitals.

Check out the full paper here. For a more robust discussion, and to see the individual winners, join us for the overuse launch on May 4th!