Some of the nation’s biggest hospitals overcharge and sue their patients

We’ve called out hospitals for egregiously marking up their prices and for extraordinary debt collection practices like suing patients and garnishing wages. Some hospitals have ended these predatory practices, but others are continuing even throughout the pandemic.

Which of the country’s biggest hospitals are the worst about suing or overcharging patients? A new analysis from Johns Hopkins University and Axios uses data on debt collection and markups–as well as charity care scores from the Lown Hospitals Index–to create profiles for the top 100 hospitals by revenue.

View their data on Axios and join us July 12th for a discussion with JHU’s Marty Markary about hospital community benefit and billing practices.

Judith Garber is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Lown Institute. She holds a masters degree in public policy from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management.


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