This NC hospital is ranked nation’s second-most ‘socially responsible.’ Here’s why.

In a new set of hospital rankings released last month, Duke Regional Hospital in Durham was named the nation’s second-most “socially responsible” hospital, while other Triangle- and North Carolina-based hospitals also received high marks. The rankings, released annually since 2020 by nonprofit think tank the Lown Institute, are the first “to define clear, measurable standards for hospital social responsibility, providing “benchmarks for hospitals to measure how well they serve their patients and communities.” More

Saint Alphonsus Hospitals recognized as ‘Top Socially Responsible Hospitals’

Two Saint Alphonsus Hospitals have received recognition as ‘Top Socially Responsible Hospitals’ by the Lown Institute, a nonprofit think tank that focuses on health care systems. The medical centers in Nampa, Idaho and Ontario, Oregon were both rated in the top 10 “Most Socially Responsible” hospitals in the United States according to a new ranking by the Lown Institute.


The hospital with the greatest COVID-19 burden in 19 cities

The first year of COVID-19 was incredibly difficult for hospitals, as they dealt with an unknown virus, shortages of staff and equipment, financial difficulties and other challenges. To better understand how the pandemic affected hospitals, the Lown Institute analyzed the number of weeks from March 1, 2020, to Feb. 28, 2021, in which hospitals had at least 10 percent of inpatient beds filled with COVID-19 patients as reported in CDC data. More

St. Mary-Corwin ranks 12th in the nation as a ‘socially responsible’ hospital

St. Mary-Corwin Hospital has been named one of the most socially responsible medical centers in the nation for practicing equity while offering both value and results. Ranked No. 12 in the U.S. by the Lown Institute for its social responsibility, St. Mary-Corwin was graded on more than 50 metrics such as racial inclusivity of patients, employee pay equity and avoidance of unnecessary and potentially harmful procedures.


MetroHealth is most socially responsible hospital in Ohio, according to Lown Institute 2022 national rankings

MetroHealth ranked 15th on Lown’s list of 66 U.S. hospitals that all earned straight A scores in the rankings of measurements of patient outcomes, value of care and health equity. Out of more than 3,600 hospitals that were evaluated, only 66 U.S. hospitals, or about 2%, achieved “A”s in equity, care value and patient outcomes. “The rankings give hospitals, policymakers, health insurance companies and community leaders a new lens for examing the country’s health care system,” said Dr. Vikas Saini, president of the Lown Institute. More

‘Most socially responsible’ hospitals ranked

Sixty-six U.S. hospitals received the highest marks for being socially responsible in an index from the Lown Institute that factors metrics such as patient outcomes, value of care and health equity, the nonpartisan think tank said Tuesday. The top-ranked providers, earning an A, were selected from more than 3,600 institutions. “We believe communities should have high expectations, and the most socially responsible institutions should be lifted up as models for the system,” Lown Institute President Vikas Saini said. More