MetroHealth is most socially responsible hospital in Ohio, according to Lown Institute 2022 national rankings

MetroHealth ranked 15th on Lown’s list of 66 U.S. hospitals that all earned straight A scores in the rankings of measurements of patient outcomes, value of care and health equity. Out of more than 3,600 hospitals that were evaluated, only 66 U.S. hospitals, or about 2%, achieved “A”s in equity, care value and patient outcomes. “The rankings give hospitals, policymakers, health insurance companies and community leaders a new lens for examing the country’s health care system,” said Dr. Vikas Saini, president of the Lown Institute. More

‘Most socially responsible’ hospitals ranked

Sixty-six U.S. hospitals received the highest marks for being socially responsible in an index from the Lown Institute that factors metrics such as patient outcomes, value of care and health equity, the nonpartisan think tank said Tuesday. The top-ranked providers, earning an A, were selected from more than 3,600 institutions. “We believe communities should have high expectations, and the most socially responsible institutions should be lifted up as models for the system,” Lown Institute President Vikas Saini said. More

Cleveland nonprofit hospitals get millions in property tax breaks. Many are asking, ‘Is it worth it?’

In 2019, the Cleveland Clinic along with other Northeast Ohio hospitals, received more in tax breaks than they spent on charity care or community investments, according to a recent report by the Lown Institute, a think tank that studies hospital systems. That year, the Cleveland Clinic had the fourth largest tax-break-to-community-benefit-spending deficit in the country, according to the report. It received $611 million more in tax breaks than it spent on charity care and community investment. “There's a lot of good that comes out of the hospitals,” Saini said. “But this is very much about trying to understand … what can we see that is directly beneficial to the community?" More

Report: Hospitals performed 100K unnecessary surgeries in COVID’s first year. What about Houston?

Texas ranked 47th of 50 states in avoiding unnecessary procedures, according to a report by the Lown Institute, a Massachusetts think tank, which found that hospitals across the country performed about 100,000 unnecessary surgeries in 2020. Unnecessary procedures cost the health care system as much as $101 billion a year in wasted spending, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. More

The best hospitals for avoiding unnecessary services: Lown Institute

For the ranking, Lown examined service use measures at more than 3,100 hospitals. Data in the ranking came from the Medicare claims database and spanned 2018 to 2020. Eight common procedures — including hysterectomy for benign disease, coronary stents for stable heart disease and spinal fusion for low back pain — were measured. Four tests were also considered. Hospitals with the capacity to do four or more of the services were ranked. More