Private equity is flying to behavioral health. What’s up with that?

Others remain skeptical that PE has a positive effect on the industry. Vikas Saini, president of the nonpartisan think tank Lown Institute, told Healthcare Brew that the deterioration of quality care is his “biggest and first concern.”

“The kinds of returns that private equity expects and the kinds of methods they’re used to using outside of healthcare—which are the ones they’re importing into healthcare—are unlikely to give us that kind of an innovative, extraordinary startup that we all want to send our family to,” Saini said.


Study says charity care falls short at many nonprofit hospitals

Grady Memorial Hospital ranks in the top 10 of the nation’s nonprofit hospitals for spending more on charity care than what they receive in tax breaks, according to a new report and ranking published Tuesday. Wellstar Health System also showed up high on the list — 4th in the nation for community spending by nonprofit health systems.

The rankings were based on 2021 tax filings examined by the Lown Institute, a nonprofit think tank. Lown examined close to 70 Georgia hospitals.


Some nonprofit hospitals spend less on charity care than they receive in tax breaks, new analysis shows

One major benefit of being a nonprofit hospital is receiving tax exemptions on property taxes, income taxes, and sales taxes. Experts told STAT that implies a “social contract” with taxpayers, where these hospitals will help take care of the most vulnerable. But according to a new study, 80% of 2,425 nonprofit hospitals spent less on charity care and community investment than they got in estimated tax breaks. More

Report says tax breaks for Minnesota hospitals, including Mayo, outweigh community benefit

"If nonprofit hospitals want to enjoy those tax breaks, they need to do more to justify them," Saini said in an interview. "What we're trying to encourage is more community leaders to ask questions about that, because simply saying 'we train doctors, we do research and we lose money on Medicaid' is not sufficient any more. These are big, big businesses." More